Get team building events to remember for your business.

In order for your business to succeed, you need the cooperation and motivation of everyone in your team. With one weak link, your chain of success can be broken! Here at Linen & Glass, we want to help you create your dream team for your business and ensure that everyone is on the same page with our team building events that will be catered exclusively to your needs.

Successful team building events involve more than just playing a few games– you need to set clear expectations that are specific to your business plan and goals. You also need to be able to earn a sense of commitment from your employees, so they will want to help out their team at work. With our background in business and event planning, we can ensure your team building events will be far more successful than your standard “trust-fall” events.

At Linen & Glass, we plan so much more than just the linens and the glass (although those will be sublime as well), so you can focus on running and developing your business. When you come to us for assistance with team building events, you will be able to get everything from the venue to the décor, table settings, and even the activities planned by our expert professional planners, including our CEO, Ashley Womble.

Because Ashley has worked for companies like Volvo, where she was in charge of overseeing over 60 people as a Consultant Manger, you can count on Ashley to use her team of professionals to create team building events that your team will remember.

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