Our networking events can help professionals stay current and meet new contacts.

In this day and age of social media and social networking, it might seem like face-to-face events are a thing of the past. However, as any experienced business owners can tell you, there’s nothing like getting to know a little bit about someone in person. People you network with at networking events are far more likely to return a phone call or email if they have met and talked with you in person, not just found you on websites such as LinkedIn. If you need some new contacts, want to stay up-to-date in your current areas of focus, and want to have an enjoyable networking event, you need our team here at Linen & Glass.

Networking events don’t have to be stuffy and dull. In fact, we avoid planning those types of events at all costs because if people are uncomfortable or bored, they are unlikely to attempt talking with others. At Linen & Glass, we are able to take care of all the needs your networking events will have, from suggesting businesses and individuals you could benefit from to planning a venue where people will be able to be both professional and at ease.

When you plan networking events with our team at Linen & Glass, you get the advantage of having planners with business and management backgrounds. Not only does our CEO, Ashley Womble, know what it is like to attend successful networking events, but she also knows how to plan events that will meet and exceed all your expectations. To liven up your events, learn some new skills, and gain some informative contacts, set up a networking event with Linen & Glass today.

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