Your dinner events will be the perfect balance of enjoyment and professionalism with our assistance.

When you are hosting a dinner event for business colleagues or a networking opportunity, you have to strike a careful balance. You want it to be fun, but also professional; high-class, but relaxed enough for people to be able to feel comfortable. And finally, you want to be able to plan your dinner events, but also take care of your full-time job as well. Not everyone can plan dinner events, so if you are looking for someone to take the brunt of the work off your shoulders and still create a beautiful and professional dinner event, you need our help at Linen & Glass.

When you come to Linen & Glass, we can make your dinner events so remarkable that they will be discussed for months (and maybe years) to come. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile in every task we need to do in order to make your dinner events enjoyable. With services that involve every step of the planning from the guest list to the décor, you will find that dinner events from Linen & Glass will give you the perfect balance of poise and delightful company.

Our CEO, Ashley Womble, is a careful PMP (Project Management Professional) who trains her employees to act likewise. She will be with you every step of the way through the process of planning your dinner events to ensure that every unforeseen circumstance will have an answer ready to go. To learn more about our dinner events, please contact us today here at Linen & Glass.

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