Make an impact on your industry with a trade show event planned and executed by our team.

Planning large-scale events, like trade shows, requires immense expertise and experience in the areas of planning, organizing, executing, and orchestrating. With so many moving parts and so much at stake, the planner of your trade show events needs to possess a certain level of superiority in their field and the confidence to deliver on pre-determined objectives. We are that event planner here at Linen & Glass, thanks to our highly sought-after expertise and impeccable attention to the details that matter most.

We can help you bring your corporate event to life

When it comes to trade show events in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, taking the time to learn about you and what you envision for the event is imperative. Our role in the process is to gain a comprehensive understanding about you and your brand image before moving forward. Your trade show event is unique and so is its purpose, so we then move on to looking for the perfect strategy to implement regarding design, suppliers, venue, and other needed resources.

Once ready for implementation, we put the plan in motion and keep a careful eye on every detail. Count on us to work with everyone who plays a role in your event to ensure nothing is forgotten! There’s a reason our trade show events are nearly flawless, and it comes down to the level of attention we pay to all processes and people involved.

Trade show events planned by us at Linen & Glass boast the level of exceptionalism and ease you are looking for! To discuss your ideas and plans, please reach out to us today.

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