Expect Excellence.

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

At Linen & Glass, we take pride in chasing perfection. We never settle for “good enough” because that would go against our motto, “Be Exceptional. Deliver Confidence.” To that end, we look at business events from the perspective of the desired outcome. We take the time to bring clarity to event objectives, so we can apply the strategy and coordinated effort needed to realize those goals.

There is much more to planning business events than most people realize. If it isn’t something you do every day, it can be challenging to orchestrate the logistics, suppliers, timelines, technology, and other important factors to achieve an impeccable experience along with your desired results.

We can help you make your corporate events spectacular

It is also time-consuming and could detrimentally affect your other job duties if you are pulled away from them to handle organizing a business event. With our organizational skills, we are able to go the extra mile throughout the planning, organizing, and delivery of your business events. We invoke a spirit of excellence, so you’ll be happy with the outcome, and so will your Greensboro, North Carolina attendees.

Our founder, Ashley Womble, has the most important industry-recognized certification: PMP (Project Management Professional) and a member of MPI (Meeting Professionals International). She has honed the ability to create business events that successfully achieve goals and are flawlessly executed. If you believe your business events deserve nothing less than excellence, contact us to learn more.

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