Creating Memorable Dinner Events for Businesses

Business dinners are an ideal way to celebrate a milestone, impress a potential new client or investor, welcome a new employee, or show appreciation to someone who has supported your business. While some situations can be resolved with a reservation at a local restaurant, others require more planning. Multiple attendee dinner events take more planning and attention to detail, but when you’ve done that, you can create truly memorable events. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Dietary Limitations- It can be challenging to consider every potential dietary limitation, and since you’ll likely be planning the venue and catering before you get confirmations from the guests, you may not know the limitations in a timely manner. What you can do is work with a catering company that can accommodate limitations once you do know them.

we will ensure your dinner events are exceptional

  • Meal Planning- You will likely have everything from picky eaters to adventurous ones, so be careful not to plan a meal that won’t go over well with those you’ll be inviting. For example, you may love catfish, but you might be better off with a chicken dish that will appeal to more people.
  • Table Settings & Décor- Memorable dinner events need to be as much a feast for the eyes as they are everyone’s taste buds. Working with an event planning professional will guarantee that your dinner is well received.

If you would like to have the most memorable dinner events, call on us at Linen & Glass. We are well-organized and creative, so we can put together an evening that all your guests will be talking about for a long time. From finding the perfect venue to covering all the details, we will ensure your dinner events are exceptional. Whether you have a small, intimate dinner in mind or a gala, call today to learn more about our services.