Purposeful and Productive Meetings.

Meetings have a unique set of requirements in comparison to other types of events and can pose a few challenges that must be overcome if you want to achieve your objective.

Here at Linen & Glass, we understand that meetings are a critical function of any productive organization. Hosting a meeting where your audience is uncomfortable, uninspired, or even bored isn’t going to get you the results you desire. In fact, if you hold enough of these types of meetings, you risk a drop-off in attendance and the possibility of people showing up who aren’t in the right frame of mind to embrace the message you’ll be delivering.

We can help you bring your corporate event to life

Our professional meeting planners can help you turn that around. We’ll help you make your meeting something your employees, vendors, or other attendees look forward to. And, what’s better, they’ll retain the information you need them to so that your company can prosper. Our founder, Ashley Womble, PMP, understands the key objectives of meetings in the corporate world. She was a project manager and consultant manager in corporate America for 11 years, overseeing 64 people. She had many opportunities to finely hone her organizational skills and create meetings that were productive and influential. She now brings those meeting planner talents to Linen & Glass to help other companies experience the best possible meetings.

If you would like to know more about our meeting planner services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to meet with you to discuss any upcoming meetings you wish to have planned and learn what we can do to make them a success.

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