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Whether your business isn’t large enough to warrant an in-house event planner or that department has become overwhelmed by an upcoming large-scale event, having someone ready to assist can be a life saver. Should you need a helping hand for any size event, turn to us at Linen & Glass. Our event planning services are executed down to the smallest detail from beginning to end to achieve the best possible outcome for your event. While the specifics will be tailored to your needs, there are steps that we take to provide our reputable experiences:

  • Research- We take the time to learn about you and what you envision for your event. Our goal is to fully comprehend your brand image and event objectives before we go any further.
  • Strategize- Your business is unique, and the purpose for your event may be, too, so we look for the perfect strategy regarding venue, suppliers, design, and other logistics and resources to accomplish the desired outcome.
  • Coordinate- Organization is the key to success with event planning services. We make sure everything happens when and how it should so timelines are followed and quality is achieved for a superior and impeccable experience.
  • Implement- Putting a plan in motion and then not keeping your eye on things is a recipe for disaster! You can count on us to work with everything and everyone who has a hand in your event to be sure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Evaluate- We are not so proud as to believe we will do everything perfect. When your event has ended, we’ll make a thorough evaluation to determine what could have been better as we continue to strive toward perfection for your future events, right down to the smallest details.

It all starts with a Vision meeting

If you are looking for event planning services that will make your events exceptional, you can have confidence that we will deliver! Contact us today to learn more and get started discussing your next event.


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